Sridevi Nayak Karopady

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  • I Love Reading Books And Blogging About My Own Experience In A Simpler Way Because Being Simple And Creative Is The Best Way To Ink One's Thoughts. I Love To Take Up A Course On Literature Soon,

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Sridevi Nayak Karopady

From Bangalore       |       Birthday July 11
About Me Studying Bachelors in Journalism and Communication and have 4 internship experience in the field of print journalism as well as Public relations and Corporate communication. A Book lover. Trying my hands on non -fiction.

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My Spell This blog is mirror of what I think and that is why I write it here because Blogo-therapy is the best medicine for me to remove the toxins in my head and it helps me very greatly on move.
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Halo I Seek A blog about book reviews
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