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Kiwi cooler | kiwi lemonade| How to make Kiwi Kooler | Spicy Veg Recipes

Updated 2 Years Ago

Kiwi Cooler | Kiwi Lemonade| How To Make Kiwi Kooler | Spicy Veg Recipes
Kiwi cooler: Kiwi cooler is a nice light green cooler mock-tail is enough to attract you to have the drink. Kiwi lemonade is a refreshing way to quench one's thirst. In this drink, the soothing flavor of kiwi and the taste of lemon are made for each other! They are complete contrasts but complement each other beautifully in this kiwi lemonade. more recipes from this blog you might like please do check: Apple- pomegranate smoothie chocolate banana smoothie mango melon smoothie mango banana smoothie Beet Pineapple Juice Beetroot Buttermilk Mango pineapple juice Pear Pomegranate Smoothie Kiwi Kooler| kiwi lemonade| How to make Kiwi Kooler Main ingredients: kiwi and sodaLevel of cooking: Easy 1.5 cups crushed ice3 tablespoon sugar syrup6 tablespoon kiwi crush3 tablespoons lemon juice500 ml chilled sodaFor The Garnishfew slices of kiwi In the glass, place ½ cup of crushed ice.Pour 1 tablespoon of sugar syrup, 2 tablespoon kiwi crush, 1 tablespoon lemon juice over it and stir
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