Prepare Yourself
  You Think Of A Best-case Scenario. Two Out Of Five Workday Mornings Your Drive To Work Takes 20 Minutes. But Three Out Of Five Days? It Ta......
Posted: 7 Months Ago
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Haal E Dil
Aaj Tune Dil Pe Kya Rakh Dia Shamsheer Khade Khade Kho Gaya Tera Ye Veer Aatma Bhi Chillane Lagi Kafan Ko Cheer Tum Hi Bolo, Kya Hi Kar......
Posted: 3 Years Ago
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Chhatbir Zoo- A Photo Blog!
A Photo Bog Of Chhatbir Zoo- Captured Through The Lens Of An Avid Travel Blogger!...
Posted: 4 Years Ago
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Thirty Going On Infinite
There Are Eight Months Before I Bid Goodbye To Just The Second Decade Of My Life Yet, I Feel Infinitely Old Weighed Down By An Invisible Hand On My Heart I Struggle To Sense Authenticity In Anythin…...
Posted: 5 Years Ago
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View Master
I Bought My First View Master Today With  EBay Sniper...
Posted: 9 Years Ago
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