What Is Icf/icd In Clinical Research Study?
ICF/ICD Means Informed Consent Form/Document Which Has All Information Related To The Clinical Research Study. An ICF/ICD Is Very Important Document...
Posted: 2 Years Ago
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शर्मसार होती इंसानियत..
इंसानियत का गिरता ग्राफ ... आज का दिन वाकई एक काले दिन के रूप में याद किया जाना था. सबेरे जब स...
Posted: 6 Years Ago
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A Short Case (conquest Of Death 23)
A SHORT CASE The Out-patient Department Of Our Hospital Was Crowded. I Was Late   In Starting My Work. In My Cabin, I Was Busy Exa......
Posted: 8 Years Ago
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Eating Disorders Delay Pregnancy
With Media Propaganda, All Women Want To Have “zero” Figure. As A Result Eating Disorders Like Anorexia Or Bulimia Develops. Such Eating Disorders Come In Way Of Pregnancy. Women Planning A Pregnan…...
Posted: 12 Years Ago
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