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And He Spoke. He Spoke Because We Pushed Him To. All Political Leaders Do That And He Is No Different. It Breaks Our Heart When We Get Disapointed In Leaders We Idolize. I Have Been There Quite A F…...
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Red Blood Corporate - Chapter 9
Chapter 9 - The Confession Interrogation Room T He Room Was Partially Dark. Only An Old-fashioned 40-watts Bulb Was Hanging On The Top ......
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अब मैं बोलूंगा
बहुत दिन हुए कुछ कहे मुझे, इस बार मैं तुझसे बोलूंगा, इस फुदकते, उछलते मन संग, अब मैं खुसपुसा के खेलूंगा इस गुत्थाधा...
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