My Interests

  • I Love To Take Photos. I Love To Write Poems,
  • Haiku And A Few Short Forms Of Prose. I Like Observing And Experiencing Nature,
  • Although It's Limited When Living In A Metropolitan City. I Try Out Different Ways Of Expressing My Feelings,
  • Opinions And Philosophy Like Using Digital Art(amateur),
  • Poster Design,

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The Twisted Perspectives

From Hyderabad       |       Birthday May 13
About Me I am a human from Hyderabad. I work as a IT professional. I am an introvert, vegan, feminist, blogger, hobby photographer and I am a man who is always in some struggle to find peace in his life, and hence the birth of my creative pursuits to quench the urge to express.

My Blog(s)

The Pixels Of Soul The Pixels Of Soul is where I showcase my photography skills as well as portray the stories of nature, humans and life itself.
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