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  • A Hero Is A Person Everyone Dreams Of Becoming One Day. But Then,
  • What About Those,
  • Who Couldn't Make It.... My Blog's For Them. For All Those Unfulfilled,
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The Fallenhero

From Mumbai       |       Birthday February 27
About Me It's not that i am trying to sell something here.... no big ideas, no innovative gimmicks, no constructive criticism, no selective sarcasm. No real takes on pot-holes, no pot shots at hot shots. No bull-shit, No non-sense, Sorry NO OFFENCE. No religious sentiments, no frivolous adjustments. You have not heard about me, but you all know me, fell me and sense me, because i am within...all of you. The fallen hero... for 99% is in my blood.

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The Fallenhero Not trying to sell something here. No big ideas, No innovative gimmicks, No constructive criticism, No selective sarcasm. You all know me & sense me, because i am within all of you. The fallen hero.
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