My Interests

  • Writing- Non Fiction,
  • Restorative Painting - Mainly On Furniture,
  • Photography - When I Was Younger,
  • Mother Nature Used To Astound Me,
  • I Always Wished I Had The Talent To Copy That On To A Canvas But Could Never. Then My Brother Introduced Me To The World Of Photography Where I Realised That The Images That Nature Presented To Me Could Be Preserved.  ,

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Uma Nigith

From Bangalore       |       Birthday June 20
About Me I am a person who wants to do a million things and sometimes all at the same time. Multitasking is my middle name and with a 3 year old and his papa as my sole responsibilities at this moment, I think I do a good job. I always live with the feeling that I am just not doing enough. That doesn't leave me and go. So I try to do as many things I can do like writing, travelling, photography, painting. But what fills me with a sense of fulfillment is when I am able to be of help to anyone.

My Blog(s)

The First Ray Of The Sun- Vihaan This blog was started as a memory book for my son. I want to chronicle all the tiny incidents since Alzhiemers runs in the family and my fear of forgetting triggered me to keep an online record.
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