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Viraj Raol

From Gandhinagar       |       Birthday December 19
About Me "Undefined Me", doesn't the name itself say everything?! (answer:- no, it doesn't.) I'm a simple(?!) guy from simple and green city of gujarat i.e.gandhinagar, a reader who hates studying but love reading(fiction), a writer who hates assignments and exams and homework and class notes and.....end! But loves writing poems, stories and weird mumble-jumble stuff! who loves his friends and hates them too! well, I had already said, I'm "Undefined", and i know it, and love it. :D

My Blog(s)

Undefined Me This blog is all about my life, her life(?), his life(!), and everyone's life! In short, it's about the day to day life! :D ;)
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Undefined Me This blog is having all the random fun anyone would love to read.
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