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Anuradha Srinath

From Chennai       |       Birthday December 06
About Me I am friendly,outspoken, full of energy and enthusiasm, a typical extrovert, optimist, ambitious, determined, like adventures, ardent music lover, cant easily give up, easy-go-lucky types, love to live life and enjoy every moment of it coz u live only once!! I am mostly super excited, over reactive, hyper active! I enjoy writing and penning down my opinions,thoughts,observations et cetera and if so you do...Happy Reading to u...

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Life Is Beautiful I write what I feel, what I see and what I experience.
Last Updated on: 6 Years Ago
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My Footprints Around The World Family Travel Bloggers sharing our offbeat travel experiences and hidden gems all while having full time jobs and travelling with our twins.
Last Updated on: 8 Years Ago
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