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  • Blogging Has Been My Passion Since Late 2008. Moreover,
  • It's Always A Pleasure To Keep In Touch With The Fellow Bloggers Through Micro-blogging Platforms Like Facebook And Twitter. I Like Reading Which Has Always Enhanced My Creative Potentialities. Watching Movies And Sitcoms On My Laptop Is My Favourite Passtime. ,

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Vipul Grover

From Chandigarh       |       Birthday July 17
About Me I am better known as 'The Marshal' in the blogosphere running one of the most popular blogging event Blog-a-Ton. On my personal blog, I have been churning out highly commended posts since 2008 having been featured on Blogadda picks a number of times along with many other Blogging honours including runner up in Indiblogger of the Month, a couple of times and Blog-a-Tonic of the Month.

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Reflections Of An Empathic Libertarian We spend our lives trying to know others but forget to know our self. Before you get so busy in this socialization race, wait and reflect upon yourself. That\'s what I am doing here.
Last Updated on: 3 Years Ago
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Blog-a-Ton An online marathon of bloggers where We Decide and We Write!!!
Last Updated on: 1 Year Ago
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