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Wind For Wings

From Bangalore       |       Birthday March 12
About Me Located in Bangalore, I work in the technology industry. What I write here probably reflects what I am. What I write here is purely my opinion based on my experience. I'm human, though I try to write accurate & useful stuff, I may err. I might be using or referring or linking to trademarked names and copyrighted material in my writings. They obviously are and remain the property of their owners. I do not claim any ownership on them. Neither do I mean to endorse those products or opinions. Phew!

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Elusive 42 Travelogues, food & stuff I like. In the perennial pursuit of happiness, living life is never enough.
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Sidekick Experiments and Experiences, Mostly Technology
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Wownder Through wownder, I intend to take you just a wee bit under into this amazing rabbit hole. After all, "Wisdom begins in Wonder" - Socrates.
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