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  • Reading Poetry Or Scribbling The Wonderings Of My Mind R My Favourite Hobbies.n I Indulge Myself In Reading Classics N Posting In My Blog At Every Possible Opportunity.m Totally In Love Wid My Subject N It Comes A Close Second At Wat I Love 2 Read. Psychology Has Opened Up New Vistas Which I Nvr Thought Existed.,

Sudha Shashwati Sahoo

From Mumbai       |       Birthday September 10
About Me A bibliophile, a big fat bookworm, a literature connoisseure, an introvert, a perfectionist,obsessive-compulsive,slightly socially anxious music-loving eccentric character, a thinker, a dreamer, an idealist, a die hard sentimentalist (n dis is the result of reading Kahlil Gibran day in n day out) n a hopeless romantic (thanks to Jane Austen, Emuscka Orczy, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte etc. )

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The Lid Is Lifted Know me, and in the process, know thyself...for all stories are unique yet much the same.
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