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What are Docker and Containers: An intro...

  1 minuteWhen we work on any development. What is the excuse that we use to hear the most. It is “This code was working on my machine there may be something wrong with your machine...


Level order traversal of a binary tree i...

  1 minuteBinary tree are the tree where one node can have only two child and cannot have more than two. Level order traversal of a binary tree. Level order traversal means that we visit the...


Don’t marry a programming language.

  2 minutesA guy asked me: What programming language should I learn. Me: Don’t marry a programming language. At different steps of your life you will need a different programming langu...


Best code editors for different programm...

  Less than a minuteCode editors are required to make you work fast. With better code editor and its integration for particular language you can get the most out of you time. Lets see best c...

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