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This blog has posts not only of varied styles (sarcastic,
humorous, etc) but also on various topics - (bollywood
movies and books reviews, socio-political issue, NGO, etc).

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Ship of Theseus: After-thoughts
Ship of Theseus is one of the finest films of our times. As an audience, it moved me like very few films have. I feel it would be unfair to......
5 Years Ago
5 Similarities Between Krishna/Karna And The Consulting Industry
Comparison between two people or events is done if they are similar on certain basic parameters. In Mahabharat, there are very few characte......
8 Years Ago
Similarities between How I Met Your Mother and Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai
In Barney's style - Haaaaaaaaaaaave you met Ted! HIMYM ended today. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the series, I want to make a differe......
9 Years Ago
Krishna and Man of Steel
Before getting into Man of Steel, let's revisit the story of Krishna. Kansa (the bad guy) was creating havoc in the city of Mathura. He a......
9 Years Ago
SAGN: Photo Contest
What: A photo contest with theme - "Good News!" How:  Mail the picture to sagnchannel@gmail.com and we'll upload it to the official Faceb......
10 Years Ago
The \'Best\' Cricketer
Rahul entered his home and tried hard so that he is not noticed by his mother and brother. He went to his room, opened a book and pretended......
11 Years Ago