Do I Have A Chance?
Hello, I Had Follicle Monitoring This Month And Had Trigger Shot On 14th Day With 3 Good Follicles. BD On 11th & 13th Day. But After Trigger Shot, DH......
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Reflecting On Life
SURE A DIFFERENT ART OF LIVING! On A Cool Evening.. “Sir! You Know That Tall Man Of 30s Who Often Used To Come To Me To Learn On The Su......
Posted: 10 Hours Ago
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About K..
Precisely From 1997 To 1998, We Had A Cat At Our Home. This Cat Strayed Into Our Premises As A Kitten, Along With Its Cuter Sibling Whic......
Posted: 21 Hours Ago
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The High Road
Have You Been Hurt Badly? Betrayed? Fooled? Discriminated Against? Violated? Injured? Destroyed, Ruined, Shattered? So Have I. So Has Every Human Being On The Planet. This Doesn’t Nullif…...
Posted: 2 Days Ago
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Reflections A To Z Challenge 2019 | Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles
As Per Tradition, Here Are My Reflections On The A To Z Challenge 2019–its Tenth-anniversary Edition, No Less, And My Seventh! I Started Off The A To Z Challenge This Year With A Bang On Four Blogs. Amazing, Right? But That Fizzled Down T...
Posted: 3 Days Ago
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