Is This Good Enough?
As You Write Often, There Comes A Dilemma. Should You Write A Headline Which Entices You To Click On Them. One Argument In Favour Of This Is That By Doing So At Least, The Writing Will Be Read. And…...
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In The Name Of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful I Begin. Coz' I Must. Before It Is Too Late. Almas ...
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A Popular Politician
One Of A Politician Who Has Lot Of Wits, A Natural Orator, Uses Them To Manipulate. Born In A Family, Both Traditional And Modern, In Years Becomes Greedy. Rises In Ranks Fast, Turns Authoritative …...
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Jin Shin Jyutsu
SEL 4: Dizziness, Eyes, Head. SEL 12: Hip, Head, Neck. SEL 11: Breathing, Neck, Arm. SEL 3: Breathing, Immune System, Shoulder Pain. SEL 10: Breathing, Heart, Shoulder. SEL 26: Arm Numbing, Breathi…...
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Chore-son-ification: Chapter4
All That I Am, Or Hope To Be, I Owe To My Angel Mother.  ― Abraham Lincoln This Post Is 4th Part Of 4 Blog Post Series, For Ariel's  #......
Posted: 5 Days Ago
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