For His Ability To Report On An Incident 7 Days After The Happening, Farhan Akhtar Offered Job By Doordarshan
The Doordarshan Team Says That Their Process Of On Boarding A New Recruit Takes 2 Years So Even After Farhan Accepts The Job It Will Take 2 Years To Give Him A Role And Also His I-card....
Posted: 12 Hours Ago
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Roadtrip To Crater Lake And Mt. Shasta
A Blog About Travelling Around The World On A Low Budget, Exploring Street Food And Having Fun......
Posted: 14 Days Ago
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விக்கிப்பீடியா சைபர் மீம்ஸ்கள்
நீச்சல்காரனின் கற்பனைகளும் நகைச்சுவைகளும்...
Posted: 2 Months Ago
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Karate Coach Secretly Enjoys Watching Kids Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other | Humour | India | The Laughing Messiah Blog
                          Image SourceStating That Life As A Karate Coach Can Get Fairly Borin...
Posted: 5 Months Ago
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