It Happened Over A Chat. A Chance Connection Clipping Another Link In Place In A Long Never-ending Chain Of Friends. It Was A Sharing Of Space And Time, Long Enough To Take The Mind Off Thoughts Th…...
Posted: 2 Months Ago
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দাঁড়াও। ঘুরে তাকাও। চেয়ে দেখো চারিদিক। রক্ত। লাশ। ধোঁয়ার সমারহে খুঁজে নাও নিজেকে ঠিক। জ্ব...
Posted: 4 Months Ago
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All 100 Books I Read In 2019!
Hi Everyone! How Are You All? Back In 2017, I Made A Post Called All The Books I Read In 2017. It Was Not Only A Fun End-of-the-year Post To Do, It Was Also Nice To Have A Record On My Blog Of All …...
Posted: 5 Months Ago
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Tiny Lines #162
Like A Star In The Deep Dark Sky, Shining Like A Tiny Light In The Vast Ocean, Will You Ever See How Lonely You Are ? Was The Quest To Be A Star In A World Full Of Rocks, Worth It? -nams...
Posted: 7 Months Ago
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How To Deal With Toxic Parents & Family Members?
Friends, It’s Easy To Succumb To The Excuse, ‘my Parents Were Mean To Me So I Don’t Really Know How To Be Nice To My Kids. They Will Hate Me Anyways.’ Just As Sanjana Made A…...
Posted: 8 Months Ago
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