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What Is Circle Of Life ?
Any Guesses  By Which Name This Avtaar Is Known In Kalyug ??...
Posted: 22 Days Ago
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Mumbai Memories - Ginger Lemon
MUMBAI MEMORIES  –  GINGER LEMON  _____ Refreshing Ginger Lemon Drink  My Favourite Pick-Me-Up “Sundowner” Blog  By  VIKRAM KARVE  ______ I ......
Posted: 24 Days Ago
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Focussed And Flourishing | Word Of The Year 2024
My Word Of The Year 2024 Is Focussed And Flourishing, After All When We Focus Our Attentions Where We Need To, We Can't Help But Flourish....
Posted: 28 Days Ago
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A Sliver Of Moonbeam
“The Moving Finger Writes; And, Having Writ, Moves On: Nor All Thy Piety Nor Wit Shall Lure It Back To Cancel Half A Line, Nor All Thy Tears......
Posted: 1 Month Ago
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Favorite Books From 2022 And 2023
Hi Everyone! I Am Back After A Hiatus Of 2 Years Or So. The Last Couple Of Years Have Been The Worst Years Of My Life. I Never Imagined That I Would Have To Wade Through So Much $h*t In My Life, Al…...
Posted: 3 Months Ago
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