The Man From The Photo
Long Time Ago, I Had A Fancy Habit Of Collecting Some Unique Photos Of Random Stuff From Arts Shops And Framing It At Home. It Was A Beautif......
Posted: 14 Days Ago
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Food Selfies
Posted: 19 Days Ago
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Who Are You!!!
Struggle- What's That For You?   Hustle - Do You Even Need To?  You're Born With A Silver Spoon    They Said, Go To A Spa And Relax Instead.......
Posted: 26 Days Ago
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Crushed Sandalwood
 The Leaf That Fell Through Time On To The  Salty Tears Smelled Like Rose And Tasted Like Lime The Embers Of Soaring Dreams That Fell On The......
Posted: 1 Month Ago
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Best Laid Plans
I Watched Him Walk Across The Cafe To My Table. My Breath Caught In My Throat I Saw Him In That Black Kurta. The Same Thing He’d Worn At The Christmas Party Six Months Ago. I Had A Thing For …...
Posted: 3 Months Ago
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Autobiography Of A Yogi : Book Review
There Are Just Normal Books And Then Are Those Books Which Not Only Touches Your Heart But Also Your Mind & Spirit....
Posted: 7 Months Ago
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