5 International Cricketers Who Has Played For More Than 17 Teams!
Cricketers Play With Your Heart And Soul For Their Team. But What If They Play For More Than One Team, What If The Number Is More Than 15...
Posted: 1 Day Ago
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How Do You Manage To Smile When There Is So Much Stress Around? - Sirimiri
Everyone Has Their own Share Of Stress, Don’t Burden Them With Yours And Add To Theirs. Share A Smile Instead, And Help Decrease Their Stress Thus....
Posted: 2 Days Ago
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Match Made In Heaven
It Was A Convention Like None Other – Men And Women From Different Countries Had Come Together To Find Themselves The Perfect Job And The Perfect Partner. Few Were Nursing Drinks, And A Few Were Ju…...
Posted: 3 Days Ago
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Here Is December
So Here We Are In December, The Last Month Of The Year. Nope, I Have Not Just Woken Up To The Fact A La Rip Van Winkle. Not That He Woke To Something Minor As A Few Days Into December, Rather He Wa…...
Posted: 5 Days Ago
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Detoxing Dilemma...
Hey Peeps! So I Have Had A Weird Day Today. I Decided That Let's End This Year With A Nice Detox. Be Healthy And Even Lose Some Weight. ......
Posted: 7 Days Ago
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Karate Coach Secretly Enjoys Watching Kids Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other | Humour | India | The Laughing Messiah Blog
                          Image SourceStating That Life As A Karate Coach Can Get Fairly Borin...
Posted: 8 Days Ago
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