“तुम क्या करती  हो  दिन  भर …………”
(An Awesome Poem Written By Mr. Neeraj Srivastava (my Husband), (An Answer On Behalf Of Every Wives To Their Respective Husbands.) “तुम क्या करती हो दिन भर ….., तुम क्या करती हो दिन भर …...
Posted: 1 Month Ago
A Senseless Tragedy Reveals The Misogynist Horror Of ‘incels’
Yesterday Morning I Read The News Of The Horrifying Van Attack In Toronto. What Kind Of A Person Would Do Something Like That, Is The Thought That Came To My Mind.  Later During The Day There Were Viral Videos Circulating On The Internet Titled ‘The Cop Who Did Not Shoot’.  Yes, The Cop  Coul...
Posted: 1 Month Ago