International Yoga Day 2018 – Yoga Exercises
International Yoga Day Will Be Celebrated Across The World On June 21, 2018, This Year. Proposed By Prime Minister Narendra Modi At The UNGA 2014, June 21 Was Officially Declared The International Yoga Day By The UN That Year. International Yoga Day 2018. International Yoga Day 2018 Will Be Held In ...
Posted: 1 Day Ago
Parental Guide : How To Monitor Your’s Kid’s Snapchat Activities
Snapchat Is One Of The Most Popular Social App In Which You Can Chat OR Share Your Photos With Your Loved Ones. This App Is Very Popular Among Teenagers, Which Is The Main Reason To Keep Track Of Their Snapchat Activities. So In This Tutorial I Will Teach You How You Can Monitor Your Kid’s …...
Posted: 25 Days Ago
नीतिपरक फुटकर दोहे :
नीतिपरक फुटकर दोहे   (१ )उत्तम विद्या लीजिये यदपि नीच पे होय ,      पड़े अपावन ठौर में ,कंचन तजत न कोय।  (२ )नर देहि को ...
Posted: 1 Month Ago