ஃப்ரெஞ்ச் கிஸ் By Saravanakarthikeyan C. - From : Bangalore
ஃப்ரெஞ்ச் கிஸ்
“I Thought It Was My Job To Give All The Boys Their First Kiss.” -    Jessica Alba, Hollywood Actress ஃப்ரெஞ்ச் கிஸ் என்பது பொதுவாய் ஆண......
Posted: 13 Days Ago
क्या आप जानते हैं- By Rksharma - From : Bhopal
क्या आप जानते हैं- 'सुनना' एक महान कला है।
न महान कलाओं में से है जो हमने नहीं रचीं— एक है "किसी को पूरी तरह सुनना। ध्यानपूर्वक स...
Posted: 25 Days Ago
To Be A-friend Or Not To Be ?
What It Takes To Spoil A Friendship And What It Takes To Save It. All Of It In Brief....
Posted: 2 Months Ago
Rising While Setting…
Few Were Rising While It Was Setting… Rise/Set...
Posted: 3 Months Ago
Isl Diaries: Tale From The Land Of Tatas - Jamshedpur
It Was A Full House At The JRD Tata Sports Complex, Jamshedpur, As The Home Team Jamshedpur FC Took On FC Goa In The Second Last, And The Most Exciting League Game. But This Wasn’t The Only Time With A Packed Stadium, The Debut Season For...
Posted: 4 Months Ago
we, the people of india - sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic - kundan srivastava By Kundan Kumar - From : Delhi
We, The People Of India - Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic - Kundan Srivastava
INDIA, A Country, Internally Supreme And Externally Independent. Internally Supreme Because We Are Governed By The World’s Longest Constitution And Externally Independent Because We Are No More Under Control Of Any Foreign Command. Indian...
Posted: 5 Months Ago